Lil Plot

Lil plot is a small company founded by two friends in Helsinki, Finland. We offer easy tree growing packages. The idea for the company came from our love towards nature and from the urge to offer everybody the joy of growing, regardless of where they live

Lil plot growing package is your own little growing land inside your home.

From our selection you can find f.e. the lovely lemon tree or the mighty oak. Tree growing package is a popular gift idea, which leaves a lasting memory of life's big events.

Trees are useful. Trees purify the air, tie up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. We pack every single package ourselves in our workshop in Helsinki.

Every tree grown is a concrete action for a better tomorrow,

And we believe in better.

Jan-Erik ja Santeri
Lil plot

Lil Plot Kasvata Sitruunapuu
Lil Plot Kasvata Sitruunapuu
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