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Aida Impact

What is AIDA?

AIDA Impact is a jewellery brand that seeks to create sustainable and measurable social impact.

Our mission is twofold. For our customers, we offer beauty and joy through our high-quality, fine craftmanship jewellery that is made of 100% natural materials in Helsinki. For our employees – who are immigrant and refugee women, and mostly mothers – we provide a gateway to working life, and a network in a new country.

AIDA is founded, run, and owned by women.

Our story

AIDA impact was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in spring 2018. The brand was designed for optimists, change makers, and dreamers. For people who value social justice, and share our respect for diversity and appreciation of beauty. 

In two years, AIDA has grown into a company that has provided work for 18 women, most of which are immigrant and refugee women from various backgrounds. We have found many skilled employees with the help of Startup Refugees.

One of the original questions that kicked off AIDA was: could a pair of earrings change the world – even just a little bit?