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Népra is an activewear brand from Finland. We create holistic, minimalist, and ethical clothing to support your overall health and wellbeing. We have a vision for a world where responsible consumerism is the norm, and where everything we buy is manufactured in a sustainable way. We make our vision a reality one piece of clothing at a time.

Everything starts from the performance. We have designed our activewear to fit many kinds of activities beyond traditional fashion and sport-specific labelling.  We sweat and move our bodies in our activewear, so we need to feel good wearing it. We hope you can’t wait to wear your Népras one wash after another.

It is necessary to take a step back from the throwaway culture we find ourselves in and not just buy less, but buy wisely and use one item more often and for a longer time. We want you to be able to wear any item time after time, and there are many things Népra and the industry are already doing to achieve that.

We stand for transparency and sustainable relationships with like-minded partners. All our activewear items and patterns are designed in Finland, the fabrics come from northern Italy, and Népra activewear itself is manufactured in Estonia. Our recycled textile lazywear follows the same ethical production principles while being manufactured in Asia.