Slow fashion to the moon and back

Mori Collective is now MORICO. All of our labels are now under one name, but our heart and soul stay the same. Nowadays, MORICO by Mori Collective is located in Oulu, Finland.

MORICO is designed for people loving slow fashion. As the moon circles the Earth, our goal is to go towards circular fashion together with you. We will take you for a ride to slow fashion - to the moon and back.

The clothes and jewellery are designed according to slow fashion values: timeless and stylish pieces, material-based design, and responsible close-by production. Nature, geometry, symbolism as well as high quality materials inspire our collections. All the pieces are designed with love and considered through circular design.

Company’s core idea is to design and produce creative and stylish clothing with sustainable values to create solutions for better and less harmful fashion. Sustainable organic and recycled materials are used to create unique clothing collections.