“Our every Myssy is knitted by a real Myssy Grandma in Pöytyä. We get our unique hand-dyed yarn from our own herd of Finnsheep. Everything is organic and original in our farm and nothing is cool in Pöytyä. Except when winter hits these parts.”

Myssy* is the Finnish word for a funky wool hat and Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. Besides our Myssys we are also known for award-winning food products. We are a family business owned by isäntä* Janne and emäntä* Anna Rauhansuu.

The farm has belonged to our family since the early 19th century and the brand was established in 2009 as we moved to the old Rauhansuu farm. The first Myssy sheep Susi, Bambi and Onni arrived a year later.

Our Myssy wool hats are much more than just ethically made of organic materials. We create well-being - everything is locally made here in Finland. The wool is from our own herd of Finnsheep, it is hand-colored by natural dyes and hand-knitted by local grannies. The Myssys are breathable and comfortable to wear year-round. Eventually the Myssy takes the shape of your own head and becomes part of you.