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Upcycle with Jing Butterfly Fairy Wing Earrings - Violet & Bleu

Upcycle with Jing Butterfly Fairy Wing Earrings - Violet & Bleu

Upcycle with Jing Butterfly Fairy Wing Earrings - Violet & Bleu

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Discover the captivating allure of our Butterfly Fairy Wing Earrings - Purple & Blue Gradient. These ethereal treasures are meticulously handcrafted, embodying the enchanting elegance of butterfly wings. Expertly colored using Padico UV resin, each earring presents a mesmerizing gradient from a deep, mystic purple to a lively, celestial blue, creating a vibrant visual symphony.

Crafted with a devotion to sustainable elegance, these lightweight earrings are not just accessories, but a bold statement of style and environmental mindfulness. Allow them to elevate your ensemble, illuminating your look with the transformative grace and radiant hues of nature’s own artistry.

Size: total length: 11 cm, chain: 8 cm, weight: 1.5 g per earring.

  • Enjoy ecologically responsible fine jewellery that features: 
  • Crafted out of recycled PET plastic bottles, colored with Padico UV resin
  • Lightweight unique elegance
  • Handmade craftsmanship in Finland
  • Metal parts: 14k gold plated brass/ 925 silver, allergy and nickel free
  • Supports local jobs in Finland


1. Keep away from moisture. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process.

2. Remove jewelry when sleeping/before doing any exercise.

3. Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing.

4. Store in a closed box.

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